Sunday, October 28, 2012

Celebrate Good Times...... Come on!
I've (Sandy) been thinking about ways couples building a home can celebrate or bless their home during the building process.  There's the obvious ways, like enjoying the process of seeing the new paint colors, the new cabinetry, windows, doors and flooring, etc.  Those are good fruits of your labors, but what else can you do to have fun with this new house before it's done?  Things that put joyous energy into this potentially very stressful place and time - that of building a home when dollar concerns and other "bothers" take the fun out of it?

A friend of mine and her husband did a really cool thing as they were building their home!  They hand wrote scriptures from the Bible above the doorways, on the door jams, before the sheetrock and trim was put on.  Their grown children selected scripture meaningful to each of them and their chosen verses were written above the guest bedrooms, etc.  Because the scripture verses would be covered by wood and sheetrock, pictures were taken and the verses rewritten in a diary the couple is writing to record their building journey.  I can just feel the love energy they inbedded into the core of their new home!

We would love to hear from your? Your experience may spark some ideas and bring a smile to our readers faces!
  • How have your celebrated the progress along way of building or remodeling your home?
  • How have your friends or family celebrated or blessed their home?

I know if I were building, I'd like to have dance parties in my newly framed living room just as soon as the floor boards were nailed down! Let's party!