Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Furniture Treasure Hunt

Building a home, re-modeling, updating and/or furnishing your home should be FUN, if not a blast! I work with a couple who says the F word in their house is; FURNITURE!! How funny is that!!

This couple hates to go furniture shopping: they loath it.  If they never go inside a furniture store again, that would be wonderful. So, my job as their interior designer is to furnish their recently renovated home, top to bottom. Because I am committed to making this process as much fun as possible, for them and for me, I arrive at their home once a week when they are not there, and place furnishings.
When they get home from work, it's a furniture treasure hunt!! I leave notes here and there throughout the house. They are tickled when they come home and have surprises all over. They love the discovery of new pieces placed just so. They don't always keep everything, but most pieces work really well. It takes a lot of pressure and stress off of them, freeing them up to HAVE FUN!
This is an example of turning a challenge or possible conflict into a solution. If you find yourself in a situation where conflict is just around the corner, consider the following idea.
·        Your spouse, partner or kid is not your enemy. You are working together toward something you both want. Focus on the goal; not the obstacle.
Once you remind yourself of this, find three different ways to solve the problem. It’s good to have more than two choices so it doesn’t feel like and “either, or” situation. You may actually come up with more than three ideas, but if you’re in a hurry three options is helpful. If you get stuck, ask another person for their ideas.
For this couple and me, it was a WIN WIN for all! It is a terrific way to celebrate the accomplishment of furnishing a home when it started out as a damaging “F” word, now it’s an enjoyable “F” word.

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